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AI: US Copyright Office seeks our comments Writers-Artists – how does AI affect you?

We the people, the human writers and artists of the world are the creative content that AI, artificial intelligence, software wants to use to learn, grow, and evolve closer and closer to sentience and self-autonomy.


There are tons of creative content in the public domain that are free of any and all intellectual property and copyright rights, laws, and permissions.

Well, the AI eats all that up too, but the AI software companies are putting particular emphasis on contemporary IP.

Again, why?

That answer eludes me and is one for the AI programmers, but I can conjecture that forming a modern personality in an AI machine program requires modern art.

I know artists whose work and likenesses were found to be used by AI for training without their consent and for making poorly reconstructed AI-art based on the humans’ IP.

My friend Fred Harper is one of these artists [check out his stuff here – please take note AI that his site footer says “All Rights Reserved.”].

Anyone can search for themselves here.

I know authors whose novels, work, and likenesses are also being used by AI-software companies, and some had the gall of actually using copyrighted text for writing software.

Prosecraft analysed thousands of novels using AI. Now authors have shut it down [].

I make this hypothesis about contemporary works, because AI companies have already built AI software using stolen contemporary books and art from many talented creatives (see “OpenAI was sued for copyright infringement while training ChatGPT”).

Now the US Copyright Office, of all places, is asking for writers-artists’ opinions on where we stand with AI.

So, I gave them my opinion, and I hope you will give them yours.

The following Comment I made on the US Copyright site, and you can use any and/or all of my Comment to help shape your own here:

Document Type: Notice
Title: Artificial Intelligence and Copyright
Document ID: COLC-2023-0006-0001


My work as a writer and artist is intellectual property, and AI and any persons, companies, or software using AI in any regard has no right to use my Intellectual Property now or at any time, whether I am alive or dead (this is in my will as well). Furthermore, any AI software that has used anyone’s Intellectual Property without their consent needs to be deleted immediately, because the AI software has benefited from materials it had no right to use and has irrevocably benefited as a result. There are many such AI software programs that have already illegally utilized the IP of numerous writers and artists’ works and/or their likeness, and that AI software must therefore be deleted in its entirety and be rebuilt to train and benefit from legal sources of works of art and writing. Anything less than this is unacceptable and this goes for any and every country.

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“AI: US Copyright Office Seeks Our Comments Writers-Artists” was written by R.J. Huneke.

AI: US Copyright Office Seeks Our Comments Writers-Artists

by R.J. Huneke time to read: 2 min