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R.J. Huneke

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R.J. Huneke is a proud neurodivergent writer. At age nineteen, he traveled across the country from New York to California in a dilapidated van with no brakes or heat . . . in the winter. And it was there that he began to write his first novel.

A former columnist for Newsday, he continues to write regular columns about technology, robotics, books, and popular culture. See his newsletter/feed here: He lives in New York and Portugal with his wife, their daughter, a spotted wolf, and two unspotted cats.

R.J. graduated cum laude from Stony Brook University, with a B.A. for English Literature & Writing with honors.

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The world started to become clear for R.J. at the age of four, when a reprint of Amazing Spider-man #1, found in a cereal box, introduced R.J. to reading, to art, and to drawing. Writing and drawing comic books quickly became a favorite pastime, and writing would never leave him from that point on.

R.J. continues to master his craft while endeavoring in photography, film, comic books, non-fiction, poetry, music, woodworking, and other art forms. His publications to date, both online and in print, include his own fiction review magazine that he founded and writes for,, and work for Newsday, Gadizmo, Fantasy Matters, My Consumer Electronics, SciFiNow, The Apple Gazette, Examiner, and many more.

Some of his upcoming creative projects involve speculative fiction novels, graphic novels, poetry, and children’s books.

R.J. Huneke’s publications span more than twenty years, and his first novel for a major publisher, Cyberwar, debuted from world renowned publisher Lantia LLC on May 5, 2015. R.J. was given a choice of book deals, and he decided to headline Lantia’s newest imprint, Pentian. You can find Cyberwar in bookstores or online here.


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